How to Eat Cum – Best CEI XXX from a JOI Porn Library

There’s no need to play coy, we KNOW that you’re addicted to cum eating instructions (CEI)! We know that you’re either eating your own cum on a daily fucking basis or trying to muster up the courage to finally do so. Well, this barrage of videos is sure to help you. All the cruel dominatrix babes are going to melt your brain with their hot bodies and words prior to making you eat your own cum. After that, they’re going to laugh at just how pathetic you really are… but that’s a huge part of the appeal, right?

There’s only one common thread when it comes to women that make you eat your cum: they all are gorgeous. That’s it, that’s where the similarities end. Some of the women take a very femdom-y approach to it all (just check out them sissy cum eating tutorials, those are ROUGH) and some are more relaxed. Our visitors’ favorite seems to be the “gentle femdom” route: the women are very encouraging and supportive, but they don’t let you forget even for a second that they’re the ones in charge. Obviously, the babes vary wildly in terms of their appearance as well. Some chicks you’re going to see here are bonafide pornstars, just FYI.

As far as the content itself goes, we are not going to waste your time talking about ins and outs of this whole cum eating section. We are not going to describe various popular offshoots, we are not to discuss what makes eating semen so enjoyable (or so we heard!), etc. Instead, we are going to give you a brief overview of all the most UNDERRATED subgenres. They include:

• Cum eating hypnosis. Hypnotism + CEI = $$$. Seriously though, even if you think that the whole notion of being hypnotized into eating sperm is silly (because it is), you still have to give this little offshoot a chance. It might surprise you in a VERY pleasant way due to how surprisingly earnest it is.

• Cum countdown. Now, there are many cum eating stories in which there’s no time limit. We honestly believe that the time limit helps create tension and drama. Also, it’s somewhat of a challenge, in a way – the domme says that you will eat own cum in five minutes and you start to wonder – will that really happen?

• Cum play. Many mistresses admit that boys eating cum gets them all wet, but when they get to see these pathetic losers go beyond that… Well, they say that it’s no a whole another level.

Alright, these are the genres of cum eating instruction videos that we feel are not getting enough love and attention despite being amazing in every conceivable way. That being said, if you need a good starting point, you still have to check out the most popular subgenres. There’s a very good reason why they’re popular: people enjoy ‘em. Crazy, right?

Before we wrap this up, let’s just briefly mention that you can easily download all the videos you see in this category. This, of course, extends to ALL the categories proudly showcased on our site. Moreover, there are frequent updates, meaning you will never EVER run out of CEI porn to watch. It’s not like you need constant encouragement to eat jizz, right?