Femdom Hypnosis Porn: Mind Control, Mental Torture, and More

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Before we proceed, we should warn you that is NOT for everyone. You should only give this category a shot if you’re willing to play along, so to speak. There are many misconceptions and half-truths when it comes to hypnosis itself, so don’t be fooled by the pop culture representation of hypnotism. In real life, it’s VERY different.

What we’re getting at is that you should only watch these videos if you actually believe in the vaguely paranormal properties of any hypno mistress. If you actually believe that some half-naked chick can hypnotize you into doing something, then this assortment right here is just the thing you wanted!

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Aside from convenience, there’s also variety. Yeah, we went above and beyond just to make sure that there’s enough pornography content for everyone. As surprising as it might sound to you, there are many different subgenres contained within this collection of hypno porn. In order to enjoy most of them, you’ll have to suspend your disbelief...really, really suspend it. Some of the other sub-genres here are all about simple hypno videos with a certain twist added to them. For instance, you can easily find hypno JOI videos that feature ruined orgasms and seemingly endless edging. This way, you can really play around with what you’re after by mixing and combining various niches.

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