Goddess Nikki Kit - Gooning and Eating PreCum - CEI JOI

You will taste your cum for me one way or another. Experience the exquisite state of mindless and endless desire and pleasure as I command you to stroke, edge, pump, and goon for me. Every stroke, every edge, every drop you swallow brings you closer to utter madness, your mind a twisted mess of need and submission. You’ll stroke your aching, leaking cock, licking up every drop of precum that spills from your desperate throbbing dick.

You’re forbidden to bust, condemned to a relentless cycle of pleasure and denial and licking up your precum. With every taste, you sink deeper into my control, a helpless slave to my sadistic and occasionally ridiculous whims. Your suffering, your submission, your pathetic addiction to pumping and gooning, and your desperate need to please me are your only purposes.

MP4 * 480 MB * 00:09:57 * 1920x1080

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