Mistress Janie - Delicious CEI

You can not ignore your constant craving to consume your own cum. Every time you jerk off, you think about it. Just fantasizing about this gross, perverted action makes your cock rock hard. You are so eager to shoot a big load for goddess, only to clean it up with your own mouth like a good boy. In theory, this is disgusting, but to you, there is nothing more delicious than licking up that slimy, salty load. You are a true cum addict, a cum slut. I love that about you. I have a soft spot for cum eaters, and I will always use your weakness for my amusement. You bought this clip knowing that I will instruct you to eat your cum, and you are correct. Follow along as I tease you, lightly humiliate you for your addiction, allow you to stroke, and then give you a short, sweet cum countdown. I hope you are hungry.

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