Lilly Roma - Lick It Up

I have some more tricks up my sleeve. I am going to get you so hard and horny for me. You will jerk that cock and cum twice for me and lick it all up. Start wanking that cock loser. Think about tasting all that cum and licking it all up. I know you want to. I want you to cum in my hands and lick every single drop off. I know you want to please me. I know you are addicted to me. You can’t deny it. You are such a freak of nature too. Keep jerking for me. That’s it now cum for me bitch. Good bitch now come here and lick it all up. You better not leave ONE single drop on my hands. I want them sparking clean. You are in love with this tight body of mine. Get wanking again for me, don’t stop. Lick it all up! – Lilly Roma

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