Macy Nikole - CEI with Goddess Lora and Mistress Macy

Mistress Macy and Goddess Lora are here to fill you up with a healthy serving of humiliation and your very own cum in this CEI clip. The two girls take very clear and genuine delight in tearing you down, mocking you for their own amusement as they laugh at what a soft and sensitive little loser you are. They inform you that today you will be entertaining them by eating your own cum as Mistress Macy hands over a cup and a spoon, devilishly ordering you through the humiliating steps of how to stuff your pathetic mouth with your own pathetic load, scraping it up with a spoon till there isn’t a single drop left.

MP4 * 954 MB * 00:06:45 * 1920x1080

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