Lindsey Leigh - Eat Cum For My Black Bikini

Is your pathetic cum eating ass back for more? This time around, I want you having some type of receptacle ready to collect that load. So make sure to get your cup, glass, spoon, bowl, etc., whatever it is you have, available and ready to catch every last drop. I'll have you licking the rim of whatever it is you use, to make sure your cum thirsty mouth doesn't leave any drop behind? What REAL straight man would pay a Domme to f o r c e them to eat their own loser load? How can you even consider yourself that? You really make me laugh at how much you think you are some straight, alpha man. You need to live the rest of your days knowing how pathetic you are after ingesting your own cum, and I want whatever receptacle you have haunting you and reminding you ,when you see that spoon, glass, or bowl in your house, what a true fagot loser you are. You are such a narcosis, but in this case I'm just going to call you a recycler and that receptacle you catch it in the receiver. I'm never going to let you live down what a cum eating fag you are after I make you eat this load.

MP4 * 287 MB * 00:12:13 * 1920x1080

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