Princess Lyne - Teased into Cum Eating

You ’re going to watch this clip and do exactly as I say , the ENTIRE time. You can ’t resist Me in this sexy , skimpy bikini , and we both know you don ’t deserve this. I love teasing you with My body and jerk off instructions …. all the while knowing that at the end you ’re going to be eating that load ALL FOR ME. Hahahaha. Not only do I tease you , I even make you BEG Me for more teasing and stroke instructions. I want you to beg LOUD too … Actually , i want you to Yelp for Me to allow you to keep stroking. Hahaha.. I love it when you ’re so desperate. By the end of this clip you ’ll be so desperate there ’s no chance you ’ll resist My command to open up wide and drink down all your cum!

MP4 * 492 MB * 00:12:42 * 1920x1080

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