Brook Logan – back up to wall and jerk into your mouth

Your a dirty cum eater! I am going to instruct you and show you how to do it properly! Get your back against the wall and point your cock towards your mouth, i don’t care how uncomfortable it is! If you love eating your own cum that much you will do it!! Now wank it really hard and listen to my instruction. I want to know when you are wanking for me, you are doing it all right. Now get your back right up against that wall, that’s right, now keep listening to my instruction. You cum when i say so! I don’t want it going over your fingers or chest, i want to see it shoot down your mouth, so you get it right and do it all properly and correctly… if not, ill be making you do it over again, until i see you cum in your mouth. I know what a dirty hot cum eater you are, so i am pretty certain you will do it the first time round! Now Lets see your mouth filled with all the hot CUM

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