Sydney is working out in her yoga pants, her ass hanging out right in front of your face. She’s looking especially sexy doing her stretches when suddenly – she notices you staring! She looks right at you and loudly proclaims how she can’t stand how black guys like you can’t stop staring at her! Who do you think you are??
Well, since you’re going to sit there with a boner, you might as well take your cock out and jerk it off just to get it over with.. wait.. what? WHAT IS THAT? HAHAHAHA! She can’t believe it! She was expecting some BBC, but as it turns out you have a tiny dick! Wow, way to break the stereotype of black men having big dicks!
She laughs right in your face at your tiny little black dick. You can’t help but get turned on by her humiliation and mockery of your tiny member. Well, since your clit is out, you might as well finish. However, she has one condition: you’re going to have to eat your cum!

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