Christy Berrie - Sibling CEI

I have to babysit you all weekend, what a fucking drag!  Not only are you annoying, but you're also a sneaky little pervert.  Me and my friends caught you recording us in our bikinis at the pool last night and we're all pretty mad at you!  You're ruining our fun weekend just so you can play with your dumb little dick!  I can see that stupid tiny cock under your sheets as I scold you so I tell you to take it out in front of  me!  You've been playing with it all day- I dont think our parentswould be very pleased to hear that, would they?  You're going to keep on playing with it in front of me, or else you get a hard spanking!  I'm in charge of you all wknd so you better do what I say little br0!  I'll also have you cum in a way you've never cum before!  The most disgusting and humiliating way possible.  And of course you'll be showing my friends just how sorry you are!

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