Jessie Lee Pierce - Cum Eating Instructions

Today you’re going to do exactly what I say! You’re going to jerk off in an angle, so that when you cum, your cum is going to squirt right into your mouth. If your cum falls onto your face, you’re going to eat that cum right off it. You’re excited to jerk off knowing that you’re going to get a mouth load full of hot creamy cum aren’t you, you little cum slut! Maybe you’re even flexible enough to suck your own cock? I’ll tell you exactly how to jerk it, and give you a cum count down from 10, till you get a mouth load of your creamy cum, but don’t swallow it straight away, sit with the taste of cum in your mouth, swish it round and gargle it, be a good cum slut for me before you feel that hot tasty cum dripping down the back of your throat!

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