Tsarina Baltic - Spit Shot Glass and CEI

Being my spit bucket is an privilege to earn, you are so close, all you need to do is pump your cock full of cum and swallow it to cover your tastebuds in loser cum before you get the blessing of tasting all my spit in this shot glass. I'll guide your jerk session slowly spitting into the glass, letting it fill up bit by bit, one after the other spit dropping, more and more, being the spit dumpster is a lot of patience and of course, taking it all like a champ. This clip is a long tease and super humiliating one, all shot in POV to make the feeling juuust right, countdown is from 40+ to 1 for CEI, then I have you lapping it up off your hand and later gift you my spit shot glass to enjoy. Will you feel my spit, my taste, will you swallow your loser cum to swallow me later? Only one right answer and we both know what an eager dirty slut you are...

MP4 * 1.40 GB * 00:19:21 * 1920x1080

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