Goddexx Daphne - CEI from Dominant GF

Hey babe, come in here.

Aw, you look so surprised! You didn’t know I was going out, did you? Yeah, I decided to go out with some friends and go dancing. I look hot, don’t I?

Mhmmm. I know you get so weak for My gorgeous face and My plump tits in shirts like this. That’s why I called you in here. I wanted to have a little time with you before I go out.

You’ve missed Me lately, haven’t you?

I’ve been so busy, and honestly, it’s been months since I fucked you, hasn’t it?

That wasn’t an accident. I wanted to try something new with you, so I decided to get you alllll pent up, and then suggest it!

It’ll be fun, I promise. Just take out your cock. I know I’m turning you on already. Start stroking, and follow My instructions.

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