Danni - I'll Empty His Loads on Your Face

I’ve just totally fucking humiliated you by letting my big black lover fuck me right in front of you but that was only the start cuckold. He’s just in the bathroom cleaning himself up but when he’s done, he’s coming back in here to watch me humiliate you even more! I swear I thought you were going to cry at one point cucky – I think it was after he came the second or third time and he just flipped me over and started all over again – I was so sure I saw you wiping away a tear. Did it hurt watching you pretty girlfriend getting fucked over and over again by a big black guy? Was it humiliating? Did you feel totally emasculated? Well it’s going to be so much worse when he comes back in here. Much worse than when you heard me begging him to fuck me harder – worse than when we both laughed at your poor locked up cock while he pounded into me with his huge black dick. Worse than when we ordered you to fetch more condoms and much worse than when I told you how much better he is at fucking me than you ever were! When my Black Alpha stud comes back in here I’m going to let him watch me pour all his used condoms all over your cuckold face. I want him to see just how much I can humiliate you and I want you to see how much cum a real man can produce. I’m going to empty all his loads all over your face and you’re going to wear his spunk until I say otherwise. I don’t want you to forget this humiliation for a long while and I never want you to forget your beta cuckold status.

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