Princess Lacey - Unable To Stop Jerking While I Bankrupt You

I’m about to take you on a journey where you’ll lose everything. I want your bank account on fucking zero. I know you saw the title of this clip and your cock instantly began to twitch. That’s how I already knew you were fucked before you even pressed play. Read less
You know that every fucking cent you have belongs to me. Don’t you agree? I know you do because you’re jerking furiously to the thought. I know you do because you bought this clip. You want to be ruined so badly. Nothing else makes you this horny. I’m going to take it all and you’re going to beg me to do so. I’m going to drain your savings account, I’m going to drain your checking account. You’re going to need to sell your possessions just to pay me even more because you won’t be able to stop.
All of your money will be going into my bank account, all of it. Until you’re broke. Doesn’t that turn you on? I know it does. I want it all until your bank account is at zero. And I know you’re sitting in front of your computer right now jerking off so hard to my words, to the thought of going completely bankrupt for me.
Soon you’ll have nothing left. You’ll sell your furniture just to give me more. All you’ll have left is your computer and you’ll sit on the floor still unable to stop jerking while I ruin you. You can’t resist this rush. All I’m going to leave you with is a computer, internet and studio apartment to jerk in. You’ll be jerking off alone in your one room, completely broke, until you d.!.e.. I know you want this.

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Princess Lacey - Unable To Stop Jerking While I Bankrupt You Jerk off me

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