Goddess Jessica - Too Mean For You

So you don't like my style, huh? I've upset you, poor thing. Every time you talk to me, I call you stupid. When you pop up out of the blue, I tell you to pay me. You don't like this at all. You want me to be nice. You want me to trConsume like the paying customer you are, at the very least like a human being! Well, did you ever consider that you ARE stupid? Did you ever consider that there is no reason for me to talk to you unless you're paying? Do you realize I don't have to be here at all and it's a privilege for you to pay me and a blessing for me to acknowledge your lowly existence? If you have a problem with that, take it up with the HR department. Okay now let's HATE JERK IT OUT....

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Goddess Jessica - Too Mean For You Jerk off me

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