Natasha's Bedroom - Even Filthier Toilet Assignment

You've been nasty for me before. You've been dirty and disgusting with your piss and sh*t at my command. But this is a whole new level. I will take you down to the deepest depths of depravity today.

There will be pee. There will be sh*t. There will be cum. Bladder stretching and lots of edging and ass to mouth.

You'll wet yourself. You'll empty your bowels. You'll taste it all. You'll drink it down and play with it. There's no end to the fun I'll have with you. A half hour of toilet tasks, each one more disgusting than the last.

This is the filthiest you've ever been. You're no longer human. You're just a walking, talking, stroking toilet slave now.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Even Filthier Toilet Assignment Jerk off me

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