HumiliationPOV - You’re So Obsessed With Me It’s Pathetic

I know you’ve been obsessed with me. You check my clip stores daily, you check my Twitter all day long hoping I’ll post new pics. You follow all of my social networking sites. I know you’ve been saving all of my pictures and jerking off to them at night, all alone, just you and your computer, staring at my pages for hours and hours, wishing I’d pay attention to you. You’re completely obsessed. It’s really pathetic.
I know you wish I’d do this to you in person, but that will never happen. All you have is this clip that you paid for. You spent money just to watch me humiliate you. You paid for this idiot. You’re so obsessed with me. It’s really creepy. You are a fucking pervert. You pay for a girl’s attention. Who does that? It’s pathetic.
You must know deep down that all you’re ever going to be is a fucking loser to me. And that makes you so fucking hard. All of the bl0.0d is flowing from your nonexistent brain to your horny cock. You’re so pathetic. You should know that girls like me don’t pay attention to guys like you. Losers. All I want is your money. And it’s so sad that you play this game with me where I always win.
You’ll never be able to say no to me, and you’re never going to be able to say no to my hot young perfect ass. (There is an amazing slo-mo section of my ass in this clip that is sure to mesmerize you and make you even more obsessed with me.)
Did you like that? You’re so pathetic. You bought this clip and you got just a few moments of my ass in a dress that you could have seen if you could get into any of the clubs that I go to. You’re so sad and pathetic. And you are completely obsessed with me and you are going to keep paying me for absolutely nothing.

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HumiliationPOV - You’re So Obsessed With Me It’s Pathetic Jerk off me

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