Natasha's Bedroom - Its So Cute

We’ve been on a few dates already, and you’re absolutely enamored with me. I’m the girl of your dreams! Yet each time I invite you up for the night, you’ve said no. It’s not because you don’t want to…you want me more than you can even comprehend. It’s because you have an embarrassing secret: your dick is tiny. You know that you’ll blow your chance with me, just like with every other woman you’ve pursued, if I see that excruciatingly diminutive **** dick.But when I invite you up tonight, you can’t resist. You’ve been staring at my beautiful, perky breasts through my nearly sheer tank top all night, and your desire for me is almost painful in its intensity. Your eyes roll back with pleasure as I strip for you in my bedroom…that is, until I ask you to take off your clothes. “It’s small,” You say. “Very small.” I tell you that size doesn’t matter, especially when I’m already so unbelievably turned on. You take off your pants first and then, hesitatingly, your underwear. I giggle loudly and then immediately try to stifle my laughter. “Wow.” I exclaim. “That’s much, much smaller than I thought. It’s actually kind of cute! But, I would never let that tiny **** dick inside of me, obviously. What would be the point?” I laugh again, even more sweetly this time. “I have to admit that I am curious, though. Why don’t you stroke it for me? I want to see if that tiny thing can even cum…”

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Natasha's Bedroom - Its So Cute Jerk off me

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