Princess Lexie - Life's Better In Chastity

I know exactly who you are. You're a total jerk-off junkie who is completely ruled by your cock. But there's one little problem here. Jerking off and cumming makes you absolutely stupid. You know what? I think you've done enough stroking and you've done enough cumming. Now it's time for Me to take this pretty little cock cage and lock that dick up nice and tight! You see, when you're in chastity for Me you instantly become much easier to control. When you're not constantly abusing that worthless cock and balls you quickly fall under My spell. And doesn't it feel so good to have your brain turn to mush and stay delightfully turned on allll the time? I know it does. That's why life is always better in chastity.

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Princess Lexie - Life's Better In Chastity Jerk off me

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