Princess Piper - Cucking You

This is HIS shirt. He left it here last night after we fucked. I know how muchyouhate being reminded of what I do with other men while you're in chastity, but last night was so amazing that I had to tell someone about it... He was much, MUCH bigger thanyou. He reached places inside of me thatyoucould only dream of. I could barely even sit on his cock without cumming immediately. Oh my god, it was incredible.There's a ton of laundry waiting foryoubecause I absolutely DRENCHED our bedsheets. I'm getting wet just thinking about it. I can't WAIT to fuck him again. In fact, I invited him over again tonight. I know tonight is supposed to be your scheduled chastity release, but I'm cancelling that.I'm going to makeyouwatch us fuck instead. I wantyouto see how tightly my little pussy grips his massive cock. I wantyouto watch me cum over and over again from another man's cock. I'm going to be making noises you've probably never heard before in your life. I can't wait to see what havingyouin the room does to him. He loved it when I talked about how big he was, but he got REALLY excited when I compared him toyou.I'm going to makeyoulie on the bed and crawl on top ofyouso my pussy is only inches away from your face as he pounds me and our juices drip directly onto your loser face while you're all locked up!Ifyoulike this, you'll also love:You're Nothing but a Loser Cuck

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 Princess Piper - Cucking You Jerk off me

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