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Welcome to your psychic reading. To see your future, I dont need tarot cards and no; I dont want to look at your palm either. I would rather not touch your hand. I know where its been. I know what you do with your palm every single night, stroke, stroke, stroke. Am I right? Actually Im going to let you in on a little secret. Im not actually psychic. Im just really good at reading loser like you. I can tell you that because youre buying this clip, you are a stroke junkie, you are a beta bitch and you enjoy spending money on me. You love being humiliated. You love being insulted and you really appreciate it when a superior woman like me tells you the truth: you mean absolutely nothing to me. I dont give a fuck about your future, your past or any little thing about you. I could care less if in your future you spray a big, fat load while looking at my amazing tits. I dont care if you deny yourself and edge all night. The only part of your future that holds any interest for me is your money and the moment it becomes my money. I see a lot of lonely nights in your future, you pathetic little fuck, but there is hope for you. Buy this clip and tonights stroke session is destined to be even more shameful as I degrade you, but perhaps a little more pleasant because my tits will be involved. Thanks for visiting the topless psychic. Come again. Or dont. I dont care. :)

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