Princess Grace - My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing You’re Being Denied

I know you want to know how to please me. Ever since you saw me you can’t stop thinking about how to please Princess Grace. Well money is a very good start. But you know what else makes me happy? Chastity. I love seeing cocks locked away in a chastity cage. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that a man can’t jerk off or get any sort of release without my permission.
Now maybe you’ve never considered chastity before so let me explain why it’s fun. First of all think about how good it will feel to please me. Think about how it will feel to be tormented while you watch all of my videos and to not be able to jerk off. You’ll have waves of pleasure filling your body and you won’t be able to do anything about it. But the great thing about it is that your torment and your frustration really please me and isn’t that what you really want?
Your suffering, your cock locked away in that cage are making me really happy. I’ll think about your locked cock while I’m getting fucked by a real man. I get to have orgasms, you don’t. I get to know that I’m just controlling you, controlling every aspect of your life. I’ve got your cock locked away, you can’t orgasm. Nothing for you. Just pleasure that you know you’re bringing me happiness. And I know that you want to make me happy.
So I’m planting seeds in your brain so you can start thinking about how good it will feel to put your cock in a cage for a powerful woman and how you can make me happy that way. Knowing that you’re not going to be touching yourself. You’re going to be a good boy, locked away in chastity.
I know that whenever I talk to my slaves about chastity, they’re always begging me to lock them up. They want me to be their key holder. They want to make me happy. They like knowing that it will make my orgasms more intense knowing that you’re not getting one. That’s a real turn on for me, it’s a rush for me, knowing that I’ve got your cock locked away

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