Princess Ellie Idol - Too short and scrawny after all

We're finally on a first date, after talking online for awhile. I notice your height, but I'm polite about first. You mention working out, and I ask you to tell me all about it. I figured you had just started what with being so weak and scrawny looking. Yet, you've been at it a while, even changing your diet to cultivate mass. You look weaker than me and I work out so infrequently that it's barely worth mentioning. I flex and compare biceps and as I see, even flexing, you're nothing but a weakling. My politeness drops more and more with every word and you're left feeling pretty lame. I can only imagine how much stronger I'll get than you if I put even a FRACTION of effort into it. Pulling you up, I compare our height a final time before putting you permanently into the friend zone.

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