Princess Pandora, Princess Pheobe – your dick is DISGUSTING

Ummmm… excuse you but what the fuck??? Pheobe and I already KNOW you are just a disappointment from your looks alone. We can already tell you have little dick energy. I’m sure you’re embarrassed as hell but there’s no way someone as gross as YOU would ever be able to please someone like us… u might as well pull down your pathetic tighty whities and show us how bad it really is.

as soon as you show us your itty bitty “dick” the bratty, cruel laughter begins. We **** humiliate you, spit all over your disgusting dick, and remind you that you are completely unworthy of us. you should honestly be thankful that we’re telling you the brutal truth. you obviously need to hear it.

MP4 * 1001 MB * 00:10:23 * 1920x1080

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