Natashas Bedroom - Loser Training

I have to break some news to you. You’re a loser. A total fucking loser, clinging to the very bottom of the food chain, and that will never change. But you already know that, don’t you? The thing is, I want you to be a loser. Not just any sad little loser, but MY LOSER. My well trained, obedient loser, ready to humiliate himself at the snap of my fingers or the utterance of my command.

Losers are so much fun to play with. If you were an alpha, you wouldn’t be so pliable or so easy to control. Losers are the best toys — as long as they’re well trained.

And you, LOSER, are going to be trained into my good, lowly humiliation plaything today. I have some humiliating things that I want you to do for me. They’re simple — easy for your mindless loser mind to understand. I’ll snap my fingers, I’ll say the words, and you’ll…well, you won’t think. You won’t try to preserve your dignity, because losers have nothing to lose. You’ll debase yourself for me in whatever ways you’re told.

Being a loser is your very best personal quality. You don’t understand that now, but you will soon. Once I make you degrade yourself entirely, in ways that only a real loser would, once I feast on the last shreds of dignity that you have left, you’ll be a well trained loser. A bigger loser than you’ve ever been before — but now, with a glow of pride in your loserdom. You won’t try to be more than you are, because once I show you how good it feels to be the biggest fucking loser you an be, you’ll be glad to be a loser. And then it’s over. You’ll be MY LOSER FOR LIFE.

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