Lady Fyre - Slavebot Reprogramming

You've been slipping in your dedication to women, thinking that you can have a mind of your own, thoughts of your own? Time for reprogramming. There's nothing I hate more than a disobedient slavebot, and by the time you leave my presence, you will be in perfect working condition. 100% loyal and mindless. We're going to put you under for re-education. As usual, I will cross my legs to count you down, then snap my fingers. Open you mind to me. You cannot resist. You always regret trying. You regret thinking for yourself. You're weak and pathetic. You need my training. You will obey or I will smash you under my heel.

Women have always been superior to men. It's men like you with weak brains who can be reprogrammed to see the truth, so in a way, you are one of the most fortunate men in the world. I can mold you into a better version of yourself, a useful tool for women. 

*Strong language warning.

MP4 * 168 MB * 00:18:25 * 854x480

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