Goddess Alexandra Snow - Cuck Call

“…and that’s the last knot. You’ll be stuck there for a while.” Domina Snow grins mischievously at you. Now you’re in a full-body bondage tie with no way to escape. Luckily, this is exactly what you paid for. Suddenly a phone rings from across the room and the beautiful Domina moves to answer the call. “Oh hey honey. I’ve missed you all day.” There’s a deep male voice on the other end of the phone. She turns away from you. “No, I’m not busy. I’ve just got my slave tied up here. He’s not going anywhere.” You find yourself squirming in your bindings. The thought of a beautiful Goddess like Alexandra Snow ignoring you for her obviously superior boyfriend causes your cock to stiffen. As she speaks in low sultry tones about fucking her boyfriend, you squirm some more.

You’re such a little cuckold at heart.

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