Kelly Sunshine - Humiliated Laughed at and Rejected

You are shocked and beyond excited when you end up matching with the sexy, pink haired Goddess on Tinder. You exchange numbers and instantly she video calls you. She's even hotter than her pictures. This seems too good to be true! You marvel at her beauty as she tells you she could get any guy in this city. Don't you feel lucky she chose you? Women like her have always been out of your league, and you know what? This time's no different! Better wipe that stupid smile off your face cuz your ass is getting trolled. She only matched with you to reject and humiliate you! Being seen with you in public would be social ****. Fucking you would be grotesque. Accept the fact that people like her and people like you exist in two different worlds. You will never be invited to experience sex and romance with such a perfect Goddess.

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