Goddess Blonde Kitty - You're a DISGRACE

You're a fucking disgrace. This isn't a cute little loser mockery clip. This is hardcore mental destruction. It's what you deserve. Your whole life is a lie, the person you show on the outside nothing more than a shell that hides the worthless fucked up failure that you truly are. Nothing about this clip was planned - what you see here are my true feelings, a one sided conversation of honestly and contempt. Because I despise you, I abhor the abomination that you call your life, stuck in repeating cycles of self destructive behaviours because you're too fucking weak to be anything better than a disgrace to humanity. **PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT recommend this clip to anyone struggling with strong mental health issues, or anyone who doesn't enjoy hardcore psychological. If you are someone who struggles to come out of the subspace, I suggest lighter clips such as 'Simple Minded' or 'Masturbation Mockery'. I'm a real cunt in this clip, so make sure you can handle it!

MP4 * 1.70 GB * 00:15:59 * 1920x1080

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