Goddess Jessi Belle - Never Good Enough

Let's be honest with ourselves. When things really suck it's easy to lie to ourselves, to say that things will get better and that it's always darker before the dawn. Why lie!? Admit it to yourself already! You'll never have a girlfriend or wife. You'll never have a good job. You'll never drive a nice car or live in a nice house. You'll never fix that!

You will always suffer from this terrible life and there's nothing you can do about it. People like you do not have a good life. Not pathetic losers, no way. You're stuck here like this forever!

Oh gosh, I bet you cry yourself to sle ep when you start thinking about your life. No one cares, no one cares about you or your problems. You can sit there and pray that things will get better, but they never do for people like you. God isn't listening to you.

It's not just me that knows this about you. Everyone sees what a loser you are. How does that make you feel? You get what you deserve!

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