Princess Miki - All Pindicks are Virgins

Alright, I know what all of you are here for. You’re here to jerk off and get off. Now go ahead, let Me see that cock of yours.

Hah, I knew it. Another worthless little pindick. A micropenis for comedic relief in this chaotic world! Great. Now let Me ask you this: have you ever had sex with that little pinky cock? Don’t even answer that: the answer is no, whether you’ve actually managed to penetrate anything with it or not.

Sex involves at least two people, right? And if your partner didn’t feel it, did it really happen?

NO ONE can feel that tiny cock of yours, even when it’s fully erect. So gay sex or straight sex, with that dicklet of yours, you never had it. You will never have it. It’s physically impossible for you to deliver pleasure with your cock, so you are doomed to being a virgin forever in My book.

So pinch your tiny pathetic excuse for a cock to that, won’t you?

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