Nikki Fetish - Obsession Begins Now

So you’ve been dreaming about me, jerking over me, obsessing over me. Why won’t you stop thinking about me? ? You’ve tried stop to but you have failed every time. You think about all of me…From my long, natural hair to my perfectly polished toes & everything inside my mind. Don’t be scared it’s completely normal to become entirely infatuated. You want to know what I’m doing…where I’m going…You just want to know everything about me. You wish you were mine. MY real life slave. Part of my life in anyway possible. Of course you cant be anything else to me but a slave because I only love real men and thats just not you & it never will be. Maybe one day you’ll have proven yourself worthy of serving me but for now this is just the beginning. Get back in line to worship, spend, obsess & obey. These are the only things you’re good at so don’t fight it. You & I both know it feels so good to have a purpose in life & your purpose is me.

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