Empress Jessika Lynx - Jealous Of Your Ex

It’s been a sad time for you since your girlfriend left you. You’ve spent so many hours thinking about her and her new boyfriend, wondering what she’s doing, if he fucks her better than you did, if he pleases her the way you never could, if she actually gives him more than just the occasional pity fuck. You’re obsessed. You just can’t stop fantasising about the new happy couple. And I know why. You’re jealous. Not of him. Of her. No straight man spends as much time as you do fantasising about another guy’s dick. Sure, tell yourself you’re jacking off to the thought of her gorgeous lips around his dick, but really, you’d love a taste of that cock for yourself. You’re desperate to feel him in your own mouth. In fact, you’re thinking about how it would feel right now, aren’t you? Time to accept the truth: You’re jealous of your exbecause she’s getting more dick than you are.

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