Goddess Lucy - Cuckold Bitch I Am Your God

You know I'm out of your league, but I listen when you want to vent about being rejected, and your lack of success with women. This time I offer you the truth. We women know you can't satisfy us because we can detect your beta male loser vibe from miles away. I degrade and embarrass you, and take this opportunity to begin to take control of your entire pathetic life. With a ball-shocker, I ensure that you have no choice other than to become My cuckold bitch. Your future is filled with many dirty and humiliating tasks. As My cuckold you will be My PROPERTY, and you will feel lucky when I give you attention, even if it is only to remind you with words and actions that I only fuck real men, the kind of man you can never be. You will learn what a real man tastes like in so many different ways And every time, you will thank Me, as your GOD. I will show My lovers what an obedient little bitch you are. you will be a pathetic sight to see. I will use and abuse you in the most wicked ways, and you will be happy to obey, because I can shock your pathetic little package from anywhere. Your money will be spent on My shopping trips and vacations. Do you think this will end with you being satisfied? Wrong, bitch! This is about pleasing Me, so get out your wallet!

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