The Queens - Domme Double Teamed

"I think I've hit the jackpot. Out at a club, these two smoking hot girls come up to me. After some flirtations, dancing and a lot of drinks, they offered to take me home to their place so the party can continue. I'm thinking I am going to score tonight.  
We arrive at your place, which turns out to be out in the middle of nowhere, no houses around at all. I'm still sort of buzzed from the bar, so I don't notice. We go inside and you ask if I'm ready to have some fun. Heck yeah, I'm ready. So, you suggest I get more comfortable, obviously suggesting we take our clothes off. I pull off my shirt and start to unbutton my pants, but you both just keep watching. When I ask, why you aren't stripping too, you say it's because you aren't going to. You see, I am the entertainment tonight. You brought me here under false pretenses. You troll clubs looking for lonely loners, who you target to bring to your secluded home to play with for your amusement. I grab my shirt to put it on and leave, but you warn me before I try to get away, you are both armed, the house is locked and there are no neighbors to speak of. So, I can yell for help all I want, it wont matter. I look at my phone, zero bars. You must have a jammer. You suggest my only course of action if I want to go free is to do what you two say, so strip! I realize I'm in trouble and reluctantly comply with your demand, however, I stop at my tighty whitie underwear. Feel free to make some derogatory comments about that before ordering me to completely strip. Once I'm naked, you bring out the party favors. One of you has a coil of rope and the other is holding several pairs of panties and a bra. Yep, you are going to make me crossdress and tie me up. I'm pretty scared now as you toss me a pair of panties and order me to put it on. I pull on the woman's underwear and get a huge erection. Looks I'm really getting off on being made to wear women's underwear. You make me put on several more pairs of panties, supposedly to hold down my erection. With the final pair, you provide a matching bra as well. I fumble too put on the bra, failing several times to clasp it reaching behind my back. Once that's done, you make me stuff it so I have cleavage and then pause to admire your handywork. Out comes a camera to take blackmail-fantasy photos. Make me twirl and pose for you. Next, you instruct me to sit in a chair, order me to put my hands behind my back and proceed to tie me tightly to the chair. I'm panicked now, seeing an potential window of escape closed. I complain about it being too tight, beg to be let go, call for help. You just laugh, there's no one to hear my pleas. Just the same, you don't want to have to listen to me, so its time to gag me. You both pull your panties off from under your skirts, ball them up and shove them in my mouth. Secure them in place with a bandana or scarf so I can't spit them out. I struggle against the bondage, ineffectually trying to yell and cuss you out. You don't understand why I'm not more appreciative, after all, I got to see your panties, which is more than most of your other marks get. Take a moment to admire your work and to taunt me about my predicament. I've been caught, crossdressed, tied and gagged by a couple of girls. Take more blackmail-fantasy photos. You own me now. You need to make sure I understand my predicament, that I am yours to do with as you please. To test that I will follow instructions, you ask me to do something very humiliating, to wet my panties. I balk at this, struggling and protesting, but I really have no choice. So, I wet the panties a little bit, hoping to satisfy you. But you order me to completely empty my bladder, which is very full from all the beverages. That’s why you had me wear so many panties, to absorb the flow. You encourage me to continue until they are completely drenched. Satisfied, and having filmed my humiliation for further blackmail-fantasy you inform me that you lied and that I will never go free. I'll be your panty boy bondage slave from now one. You slip a vibrator down my panties to keep me company, leaving me to site tied and gagged in my wet underwear and consider my predicament."

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