Goddess Raven Bay - Ruined Orgasms Make Me Laugh

Oh really… oh really… your done cleaning? Well, I think someone didn’t put enough effort into thinking of ways to serve me tonight. Did you move the refrigerator and stove and sterilize underneath them? I think you’re forgetting what a privilege it is to serve me. What were you gonna do with this, supposed, free time. You know you gotta just stand in the corner with your nose to the wall and your leash attached to the hook when your chores are finished. Did you think I was gonna let you just go home early?Kneel and stroke your cock while staring at my superior beauty! I want you to have 5 repeated failed orgasms. I want each orgasm to come from thanking me for the pain you feel in each part of your body. Thank me for doing this to you. Thank me for causing your back to ache. The pain is a reminder of my beauty and superiority.Haha. I want you to always remember that using your failed orgasm drips as lube is the equivalent of me laughing at you!

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