Temptress Blair - BNWO Reparation Slave Task 5

Another task for My white slaves! This is the fifth clip of 28 days of reparations, and if you have not bought the prior clips, that is mandatory to move forward with reparation repayment. Relinquish all undeserved white wealth, denounce your fragile white ego and completely devote yourself to submitting to Black Superiority. For the next 28 days, you will be purchasing every single fucking clip and fulfilling ALL orders and instructions with gratitude. It is a privilege to utilize your whiteness to serve something far greater, more powerful, and impactful, Temptress Blair. Another day of reminding your inferior pale existence how lowly and pathetic you are in comparison to Me, and how in debt you are for that fact alone. The mere fact your white predecessors hindered Black Americans from building wealth is repulsive, and you will be paying reparations DAILY to make up for the wealth gap.

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