Miss Veronica Steam - Small Dick Deformity

Hello again addict. You just can't wait to see what I have in store for you this time. Look at you. So disgusting. You're already trying to touch yourself. Stop immediately! You NEVER touch your cock without my consent. You are only allowed to touch it when I command it. Now, show me. Show me how hard you are. Is that as big as it gets? You can't be serious HAHAHAHAHAHA! How can it possibly be that tiny? What God did you piss off? I didn't know you were deformed. Don't get an attitude with me. I'm just telling you that truth. What is that a solid 3 inches fully hard? I would say I'm sorry that I can't stop laughing but I'm really not. You deserve to be mad fun of and laughed at. I bet you were made of so much when you were growing up weren't you? How did it make you feel seeing those big cocks around you in the locker room while you only have a zit for a dick? Go ahead. Start touching that tiny little deformity of yours. Stroke it just the way I do with my pinkie finger. Did they string you up by your tighty whites on the flag pole giving you the ultimate wedgie for all the school to see? How does to know you've never gotten a girl off ever? Any time you thought you made a girl cum, she was faking. You're enjoying this aren't you? Keep stroking your zit. You're enjoying the horror I'm putting you through. That thing dangling between your legs is something that should be in a freak show. You should be thankful that you've finally found a woman who will tell you the truth. A woman who finally has some form of use for you. It's truly a kindness. If I didn't give you a purpose in life, you wouldn't have any reason to keep on living. Especially now that you know the truth. Knowing you could never make a girl cum with that tiny little dicklet. I have a secret for you. There is a way to make a girl cum even though you're such a small dicked loser. Get this video to find out the secret.

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