Bratty Bunny - Beta Losers Don't Cum

Today, beta losers don't cum. Because I said so because I'm in charge, I'm in control and there's nothing you can do about it because you're a beta bitch. Better losers have to do what I say and today you will not cum. No matter how hard and horny you are. No matter how much you beg for it. I will not allow it. You need to be disciplined for Mistress. You need to show me how weak and submissive you really are. You want to prove that you can obey and submit to me. Beta Losers Don't Cum. You are going to hear more about what I'm going to do after this clip. You'll know I'm about to go and fuck my alpha stud. We're going to be going at it for a long time and I want you to think about it while you sit there. Let it sink into that little brain of yours how much of a weak beta you are. No cumming. Leave the cumming up to me and my man today.

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