American Mean Girls - The Meanest Things We Can Possibly Say

OMG we can't believe that there are guys out there that are actually INTO this. Like, we girls can literally abuse the FUCK out of them, take their money, kick them in the balls, insult them right to their faces- and they actually LIKE it?? Seriously? Who could actually LIKE being treated like absolute DIRT? But ok, no problem loser! We will just talk right to YOUR face and say the MEANEST things we can possibly think of to say to you. We will insult you in the worst ways possible. Degrade you, mock, you, and laugh at you right in your face. And your loser ass is going to download it and jerk off to it, aren't you? Fucking pathetic. And guess what? It's all TRUE too! We don't even have to make any of this stuff up - this is what we REALLY think of you! LOL

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