Holly Gibbons - Your place in Society

You really are the lowest of the low. A dirty, disgusting gutter rat. Stinky, horrible vermin. No one likes you, no one wants to be associated with you and the only place for you is the gutter where you belong. Verbally beating you down in every single way possible is so easy.You know that when I let my tongue lose on you bunch of morons it feels you with deep self hate. You really are an irrelevant individual. I pull you apart, I beat you down and I laugh in your ugly fucking face. Oh I love abusing you, telling you some honest home truths, mocking you and pushing you to that depressing low. I want you to cry, I want you to feel like nothing because that is exactly what you are NOTHING.There are so many avenues that I could go down to humiliate you, laugh at you and break you down. You will be left feeling empty, in a huddle, hopefully crying and most definitely feel like the lowly piece of gutter rat you are. I hate you and so does every one else.This is pretty harsh humiliation but only what you deserve.

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