Goddess Natalie - Virgin Loser Humiliated Part 2

We both already know that you're a loser! Question is what makes you a loser, though? Is it the fact that there's no other thing that brings you joy in life apart from stroking to powerful women on the internet? Is it the fact that you're still a virgin? Both? More?

Then you will most definitely identify with the situation of the little pathetic loser I am making fun of in this video! On top of it all, he also has the tiniest, most embarrassing worm I've ever seen!

Aaaww don't tell you that's your case, as well! I knew it all along, don't worry! Now tie your tiny, grape-sized balls of yours, get down on your knees and click play! Because I'm extra generous, I made 3 parts for this session, so you can keep enjoying the! This is part 2 - stayed tuned for the last part!

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