Goddess Jessi Belle - High School Sweethear

Think back to when you were in school, that girl that stole your heart. The only woman that you've ever want or could ever want this badly. How could one woman be this perfect and make you feel this way? You've never wanted anything else. She might have been your girlfriend or best friend, but you just weren't good enough and she decided that she didn't want you. It wasn't her, it was YOU. Why weren't you good enough?

Doesn't that run through your mind quite often? You thought you deserved her and that she should have loved you, but did you really? She didn't want you for a reason. She knew you were weak, she knew you were meant to be thrown away. You're a back up plan, not a life long partner.

She used you and now you know it, everyone else got her, but not you! She left you because you are pathetic and she wanted a REAL man

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