Goddess Jessi Belle - Pig Fuck

You are a dirty disgusting nasty fat pig. You act like a pig, oink like one, and often pretend to be one. If you are going to act this way then you will be treated like one. Pigs fuck a pigs, so that is what you will do!

You will need an inflatable pig to fuck. I want you to think about how pathetic you are as you inflate it. Think about how humiliating this is to want to fuck this inflatable pig.

You don't get to fuck women, so you have the thing that is really for you - fucking a pig! This is so humiliating - at least for a normal person, but for you this is normal! You should be happy that I am letting you do this at all!

MP4 * 308 MB * 00:10:35 * 1920x1080

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