Princess Miki - The Ache is the Pleasure

I want to let you know that I already own you, whether I’ve formally declared it to you or not. This clip is a demonstration of such a fact.

You will sit and wait patiently until I give you the permission to stroke, even if your cock is throbbing. You are already at the point where you need the permission to touch yourself, and you crave it more than the pleasure of stroking, or even reaching orgasm.

Obedience is your greatest source of pleasure, now. That is today’s lesson.

Once I give you the permission, you will begin stroking — but only until I instruct you to stop. Your cock will twitch and throb, and you will be rendered helpless. You will wait for permission once again, not knowing whether or not it will be granted.

I will instruct you to notice this ache as you watch Me, hands-free. My body movements will only increase in eroticism, and I will slowly remove more and more of My clothing. What I do in this clip is cruel, and your only gift is the ache and throb.

But this is a wonderful gift, after all. You need Me to own you: your mind and your cock. Anything that pleases Me brings you great pleasure, even if it leaves you desperate, stupid, horny, and longing for more.

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