Miss Alika White - Mystery Humiliation Task: Degrade

Mystery Humiliation Task Intro: I get such a kick out of degrading you losers than I’m making a series of clips where I set you humiliating tasks without spoiling the surprise of what’s involved. That way you can listen nervously while I reveal what creative degrading task I’m going to make you do for my entertainment. You can do the tasks in any order, they won’t be public and you don’t need to send me proof that you completed the task but you will get bonus Loser Points if you do.

This clip: Do I think you’re an absolute loser? Yes. Do I care about you? No. But if you do horrible things to yourself you can make me laugh for a few seconds, which is why I’m making you do this. I think this might be the most funny and most degrading of my humiliation tasks so far. This one is for advanced humiliation sluts to push yourself further for me.

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