Amadahy POV - Nobody Loves you My Boyfriend Loves Me

Everybody loves Amadahy, especially her boyfriend. Nobody loves you. You’re nothing like her boyfriend, which is why you don’t have a girlfriend. Face it, you are lousy. Amadahy’s boyfriend might not have a job, but he has a huge cock. Having a huge cock really goes a long way with girls. You work hard, so very hard, to try and make up for all of your inadequacies. Amadahy’s boyfriend might not work hard, but he doesn’t need to because he doesn’t have any inadequacies he’s trying to make up for. He is more than adequate. Nobody will ever love you, but that’s ok. You can still get a little bit of attention if you send the fruit of all your laboring to a Princess. Sure, Amadahy will spend your hard earned money on the lavish lifestyle she shares with her boyfriend, but that’s really what you are there for. When Amadahy’s boyfriend is happy, she’s happy. When she’s happy; you’re happy, see how this works?

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