PORTIA - Intimate Trance Giving Life To Goddess

No woman can compare to Goddess Portia. She understands the need to stroke that dick and worship her beauty... the burning desire to have her enter your mind and take control at the most intimate level. Breathe deep on command and fall deep into her trance. Like two lovers whispering their deepest secrets, she will draw you near with her seductive words and make every stroke of your cock feel like heaven. She will lead you deeper down until you accept the truth: Loving and fucking other women leaves you empty. You need an untouchable Goddess... a cruel beautiful woman to love and idolise. You want to tribute everything to Goddess Portia. She is perfection and her breath fills you with euphoria. You ache to take your worship to the next level. Make the supreme sacrifice and give your life to Goddess Portia. She will lead you an incredible orgasm that spells the end of your existence. Your mind will be cleansed and your old life washed away in a moment of perfect joy. A new life of pure and intimate worship awaits.

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